Sunday, January 5, 2014

Piano Bike Shenanigans

If you're reading this right now, you likely watched me enter the Bachelor Mansion on a piano bike. After that edit, you MAY be thinking that I don't actually compose or play music. I did sound a bit like a 5 year old girl messing up at her first recital.

Just in case you wanted proof that I actually do write and play music, here you go.

In all honesty, I'm not an incredibly gifted piano player, but I LOVE writing and creating music, so I do it. All my music is available on itunes, however, music is not my "profession" just because ABC lists it as that. Just about as accurate as listing Kelly as a "Dog Lover". This is a hobby that I enjoy and thought would be fun to incorporate into the show. For a living, I write, report, host, and help produce television and online content. I also own and operate a small advertising business out of LA.

Just for funsies, there you go.

BACK TO THE PIANO BIKE: Here's an inside scoop!

When I was first talking with producers about my entrance, we envisioned something else (some sort of vehicle) pulling me in while I played an actual grand piano. MUCH more classy. This definitely would have been the way to go (obviously) but, they couldn't make it happen (or so I was TOLD... ) so one producer showed me a picture of a piano bike. The reason I agreed to it, was because I'm goofy. I don't take things like this too seriously. I mean, it's The Bachelor. If you find the love of your life in this crazy ass situation, I'd say you're pretty damn lucky. Needless to say, I thought a goofy entrance was fitting since JP is supposedly "goofy and fun" too. It's supposed to be entertaining. It's REALITY Television (translation: the farthest thing from reality) and I thought it would be funny, and definitely memorable so I just went for it. What I DIDNT take into account was that the contraption would be very heavy and extremely hard to maneuver. Also, the amount of multitasking involved when you're attempting an entrance like this, especially when you're nervous as can be, is just too much if you're trying to make an impression. I couldn't even focus on Juan Pablo. When Lindzi pulls up on a horse, and Jef rolls in a skateboard, and Brandon rides his motorcycle up, those are all things these people do in real life, second nature. I never rode a piano bike in my LIFE. I definitely didn't know what I was getting myself into until the piano bike was in front of me.

First of all, I had to be pushed up that hill 3 times by producers. If you see me giggling a a lot, that's why. Juan Pablo ran over to try to help me because that was my third attempt. I could NOT get up that driveway because of how heavy the bike was.

When I finally made it to Juan Pablo, I did start playing the piano. I literally wrote that song a few days prior, NEVER got to practice it until the day of, where I only played it once and barely remembered it because I JUST wrote it. I also only got to test out the piano bike for literally, a couple minutes. And as soon as I tested the bike, I KNEW my entrance wasn't going to be pretty since my 100 pound body had to compete with a 300-400 pound piece of equipment. I almost backed out of doing it all together, but just said screw it. You only live once. In the end, REALLY glad I did it. I wanted America to know I'm fun, goofy, and don't take this too seriously, unless it turns into that later. I'm also ballsy. I go for things. I take risks. :) Most of the time, they work out for me. Sometimes, they don't, as you may or may not see later in the season (hehe). Anyway, I had a lot of fun laughing and making a memorable, entertaining entrance, which really, is the whole point. Maybe I just think too much like a producer.

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